Veteran Bollywood actor Shabana Azmi has been seriously injured in an accident in India on the Mumbai-Pune Express on Saturday 18 January. News agencies in India report that her husband and Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar was also in the car but did not suffer injuries.

The husband wife were travelling in a Tata Safari SUV near a place called Khalapur, about 60 kilometres from Mumbai, when it is believed the SUV rammed a truck from behind.

Several photos of the incident are circulating on social media showing the 69-year-old actor being helped out of the rear seats of the SUV, her face and eye swollen.

Other photos show the front passenger’s side of the SUV as completely destroyed with the bonnet of the car crumpled and the radiator and bonnet wrecked.

Shabana Azmi was rushed to hospital in Mumbai and is undergoing treatment.

Several Bollywood stars have tweeted prayers and a quick recovery.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also tweeted about the accident, saying the news of her injury “is distressing”, adding that he prayed “for her quick recovery”.