Earlier, we reported how Priyanka Chopra was not the bridesmaid for Meghan Markle and ‘Desi girl’ herself was mum about whether she would be attending the royal wedding.

During an Instagram live chat, PeeCee confirmed that she will attend the royal wedding of Prince Harry with Meghan Markle. However, the Quantico star later claimed that she was ‘scammed’ into accepting that she will attend the royal wedding.

In a live chat on Instagram from InStyle magazine’s account, when asked if she is attending the royal wedding, Priyanka said, “I am only concerned about the hat, I don’t know if I’ll be cute in a hat.”

In another disclosure, within a different media interview, when Priyanka was asked if she is the bridesmaid, she replied: “No, I’m not the bridesmaid.”

Currently, whilst busy promoting the third season of popular series, Quantico, Priyanka made an appearance on Good Morning America. She was queried about what gift she is planning to give Meghan on her wedding day.

Priyanka replied, “I’ve been struggling with that myself! I think you just have to think about the person you’re getting the gift for. Because really, what do you give a Princess?” She asked the kid who had asked the question, “You think you should give a princess a frog? Most princesses like frogs! We’ll have to think about this one.”

We simply cannot wait to see our very own Priyanka Chopra gracing her presence at the Royal Wedding, which takes place on 19th May!