Tiger Shroff and Shradda Kapoor told us that they are both in a ‘good space’, as they sat down to chat to Asian Style Magazine about their upcoming film Baaghi – Rebels For Love. They are part of the Bollywood youth brigade and, with a number of solid films in the pipeline, are both ready to have their best year at the movies yet!  

Shradda’s first film might not have set the screens on fire but since then she has steadily built an envious filmography. The box office seems to love her, with 100-crore hits in Aashiqui 2, ABCD 2 and Ek Villain amongst others. The critics too, have been largely positive. With Baaghi, she is trying something new as she will be seen in her first action role. We spoke to her about trying out this new image and what lies ahead for her soon.

SHRADDHA KAPOORIn your previous films, your most memorable performances have featured you in the ‘girl-next-door’ roles. Baaghi seems to be quite a different film to anything you’ve done previously in terms of the action sequences. How difficult was it to perform these sequences? Did you enjoy the experience?

S: It is really great to be the part of the team and the energy they had. This has been a memorable experience for me and I must add I have learnt a lot. Tiger is very inspiring and the way he has does his scenes is amazing and his positivity on sets is unmatchable. This is my first film with Sajid sir, and I hope there are many more to come. I was very lucky I got to do a lot of new things in this film.

Baaghi is about being a rebel in love and there is a lot of action in the film. While we were shooting, I was simultaneously prepping for action. We had dedicated some hours each day to prepare for my action sequences.

Since it was the first time and I was learning the correct techniques, I had a couple of injuries on set but I guess pain is a part of learning anything new.

 How was the experience of working with Tiger, who is still a relative newcomer?

He is so high on energy and he hasn’t changed one bit. He used to play basketball on the set, and he has a very wicked sense of humour. But what’s best about him is that he is very passionate and focused on whatever he does.

 What is the one thing that you would want viewers to take away with them after watching Baaghi?Cham Chamhires

Every actor hopes for his/her film to work. We want a good audience reaction to the film. Everybody should just enjoy watching the film, is what I hope for.

 You’re already working on ‘OK Jaanu’ where you reunite with Aditya Roy Kapur – can you tell us a little more about that project?

 I am very excited for the film. This is the first time (after ‘Aashiqui 2’) that Aditya and I will be coming back together. Shaad will be directing, and I loved his ‘Saathiya’. I think it’ll be very interesting to be directed by him. It’ll be amazing. This is a totally different film and we play characters that we have never played before. We come back together in a very different zone this time, not in an intense love story. I hope people enjoy the film.

TIGER SHROFFTiger Shroff, son of actor Jacky Shroff, had a much celebrated debut in the 2014 ‘Heropanti’, a film also launched Kriti Sanon. While 2015 saw Tiger featuring in a couple of very successful music videos – with Atif Aslam’s Zindagi Aa Raha Houn Main topping the charts – and earning some high-profile endorsements, he didn’t have a film release. He told us more about being a relative newcomer in Bollywood and his thoughts on becoming an action hero.

You gained immediate fame after your debut film – everyone was speaking about you and Kriti and you won most of the Best Debut awards. Was there a lot of pressure then to get the second film choice right?

I think the audience is good with newcomers and are sometimes very thoughtful.

In my second film, I want to prove to people that I’m not a stroke of luck or a one-hit wonder.

I have worked very hard and I want to show people my growth as an actor, dancer and an action star. I want to make my family happy and proud and I’m not overconfident, but I am quite confident with our outcome.

I was not in a rush. I thought with ‘Heropanti’ I got the acceptance from the audience and keeping that in mind I wanted to make the right choice for my second film. As I think the second film is equally very important, I wanted to take my time to prepare for this role.

Baaghi seems to be a tailor-made film for you to showcase your martial arts training with some superb action sequences – was it a conscious choice to pick an action film? Is that the genre you are most comfortable in?

I am not consciously building an action-hero image for myself in the industry. It’s all about standing out. When I look at other actors, I think, ‘What am I bringing to the industry? How is it (the industry) benefiting from me? I believe that by bringing in my talent on action and stunts, I can make a difference.

 2016 seems to be a year of fresh pairings. There’s lots of excitement around your pairing with Shradda Kapoor in Baaghi. How was the experience of working with her?  

The chemistry between me and Shraddha is definitely one of the high points in the film. It has been very easy because we have known each other since childhood. I was very comfortable with her from day one. Romance is quite a strong element in our film and she never felt uncomfortable nor did she make me feel uncomfortable. We’ve been friends since childhood. We had great fun during workshops and in between the shots.Tiger Beach

 Was the equation different as she is already a bit of an established star?

No not at all. She has not changed one bit. I am blessed to be working with Shraddha Kapoor and to be a part of such an honest film. We knew each other from our childhood days but she has not changed at all. She is normal and simple and it’s just very inspiring being around her.

 You were announced as the face of HRX – the brand of one of your idols. Can you tell us how the experience has been?

I am a big a fan of Hrithik Roshan. I respect him for his work ethic. He is always pushing his limits. He has a fantastic physique, he is superb actor, dances so well and his body language has impeccable grace. People want to have six- pack abs but in the process they lose their craft. Hrithik Sir is one of those people who have merged everything beautifully. He has nailed the aesthetics and over that he puts in his craft as well. To be a part of his brand was an honor for me.

 What is in store next?  

As for now I am working on the ‘The Flying Jatt’ a super hero film.

Baaghi will be released in cinemas worldwide on 29th April 2016, and we here at Asian Style Magazine wish both Tiger and Shradda all the best with this movie and their upcoming projects!