It’s a well-known fact that Salman Khan lays down certain conditions before signing any movie. He has some dos-don’ts that he maintains in his films and the characters that he plays onscreen. The superstar who is loved by all age groups, especially youngsters and kids, doesn’t prefer doing anything that can be of bad influence on the fans who look up to him.

Salman Khan's condition to Race 3 makers

When the news about Salman playing a grey character in ‘Race 3’ surfaced, one was wondering if he has decided to break his “Will never play a Negative Character” rule which he has been following since the beginning of his career. However, we’ve learned that Salman had demanded some changes before he came on board. According to reports, it wasn’t easy to convince Salman to be a part of the franchise which is known for steamy and explicit scenes.

Salman had reportedly put three conditions to the makers regarding the plot and the scenes in the film. The mandates that he instructed the makers to work on are supposed to make ‘Race 3’ a film for all audience.

No love-making scenes:

Although Salman’s real image may have some grayness due to the court cases he is involved in, his image is totally clean in films. He is not seen much in intimate or any kind of sexual love-making scene on-screen. Maintaining this principle, Salman had asked the makers to remove such any kind of raunchy and steamy scenes from the film.

“He wants the film to cater to family audiences. He doesn’t want them squirming in their seats. He doesn’t want even one steamy scene or something that people in the family cannot watch together,” a source close to the project revealed.

Make It Funnier

Another demand that Salman put to the makers was to add the dose of entertainment in the film. He asked them to make the script funnier as he found the movie is not as funny as his fans expect from him. Also because ‘Race 3’ doesn’t have Anil Kapoor who used be the humor element in previous Race movies, Salman asked them to find another way to bring that in.

No Drugs Involvement

Salman also asked the makers to chop down a scene which involved his character dealing with drugs. He has hardly been a part of any movie where he uses drugs as he doesn’t want youngsters to take any bad message from his movies.

Salman Khan

“There was a scene, which involved Salman’s character dealing in drugs. That has been chopped off now because Salman does not want to set a bad example for his fans, especially kids and youngsters who follow him. Therefore, the drug-peddling angle in the story too has been nixed,” the source further added.

With these changes, Salman definitely proves that he is well aware of what his fans want from him. Bravo!