Jay Sean is one of the finest, if not the best, singers to emerge from the British-Asian music industry. Over the years, he has stricken a chord with listeners through his soothing yet sentimental songs. 

His new song, ‘Cherry Papers’ is a return to the signature sexy slow jam sound that is synonymous with Jay Sean, who brought you the RnB hits such as ‘Stay’ and ‘Tears in the Ocean’.

The first song from his upcoming RnB album ‘3’, ‘Cherry Papers’ sets the tone as Jay’s smooth velvet vocals to tell the story of a love affair that is no more, as he reminisces the ‘high-life’ of passion, fun and danger.

Not quite ready to let go of it, but knowing he must, he keeps a reminder of their love affair on the dashboard of his car.

The rhythmic and trance-like tone is very reminiscent of Jay Sean’s previous tracks like ‘Ride It’. However, despite that the song discusses separation, there is no depressing tone.

In fact, the style of the song is quite uplifting and this will definitely strike a chord with listeners especially in an era where breakups are depicted in very cool atmospheric ways in music.

As we mentioned before, there is an interesting mixture of passion and fun in the lyrics.

For instance, Jay Sean sings: “We did it for the thrill, that’s past tense. Had some wild times with some fine wine. Could watch you all night, couldn’t find the time.” This exhibits the strong intimacy between two people in the love affair.

What is good about this is that Jay Sean does not use obscene words to make the music seem sexy and that is also the beauty of this song. It seems as though this track has been produced from the heart.

‘Cherry Papers’. A beautiful RnB song from an artist that grew up on such records, Jay Sean will have you all up in your feelings with this one!

Cherry Papers is OUT NOW WORLDWIDE on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.