Actress Madhurima Tuli says lockdown has given her time to reignite her love for painting.

 She has taken up the hobby again and is learning everything about art.

Tuli said, “I used to paint a lot back in school. I didn’t get the time ever since I started acting at a very young age. But painting always drew me.”

Madhurima Tuli Instagram

Tuli is very passionate when it comes to her art and carries that with her.

She said, “If I travel to any place, I spend hours watching paintings or some form of art,”

The break from work over the last few months has been a blessing for Tuli, she said, “Now that we have time, I thought I should rekindle my love for painting. I am loving this ever more. I don’t think I will stop painting ever now and I am trying to learn as much as I can,”

Tuli was seen in a short film “Pasta”. Directed by Vibhuti Narayan, the film is a romantic drama that mirrors the state of urban marriages in India. She also featured in web show “Avrodh The Siege Within”.