By Ninder Kaur


Halloween is just around the corner. Are you struggling what to wear?

Put away your fairy wings and witches’ brooms, and get in the spirit of Halloween season with a costume that’s a little bit more, well, stylish.

Yes that’s right, Halloween is no longer the time to dress scary. Everyone is treating the annual event as time to reveal that wild, alter-ego that is usually kept under wraps.

We have rounded up a few ideas to inspire you this festive season.



  • Anna WintourProcessed with Moldiv


This is an easy look to pull off. Just dress smart and bang on a pair of sunglasses and voila, you will be giving Vogue’s finest a run for her money. Don’t forget to add a bobbed wig.



  • Robbers


This is the easiest and most cost effective look to pull off. A striped shirt, a mask and an old pillowcase to collect the money (candy) and you’re good to go. Why not team up with your partner, but be sure not get into a lot mischief.




  • The Joker


It’s a popular outfit choice that comes around time and time again during the Halloween season. Although it may be hard finding a purple pin striped suit it’s the makeup tutorial that you need to master.



  • Emojis


Emoji use has lifted off, so expect lots and lots of emoji trick-or-treating on Halloween this year.


Emoji costume

emoji outfit 2









  • Cookie Lyon from EmpireCookie Lyon


Empire has kicked off this year and has got everyone talking. Who better than to dress up as than our favourite Lyon? If you can’t afford the designer digs required to pull off an authentic Cookie costume, then there is a lot of cheaper alternatives out there. Think faux fur and animal prints, and lots of them.


  • Mean Girls

Mean Girls costume

Who ever said three’s a crowd? Pull out all your pink clothes and round up two of your besties and you will be the three mean girls demanding candy at the door.



  • Minion Feverminion costumer


It’s a movie that lifted off extremely well this year. Rather than scaring the children why not dress up and give them the ‘Bello’ greeting they are not quite expecting.




  • Caitlyn JennerCaitlyn Jenner outfit


Seeing as Caitlyn is one of the biggest headlines of 2015, you just know people are going to try it, regardless of how political correct it is. Caitlyn Jenner outfits have already been surfacing on the internet.