Does your home feel like it needs that little extra touch of feminine feeling? In some areas of the home, hard and edgy designs just aren’t as desirable, and we can crave a soft and comforting environment. If that’s true for you, you’ll adore our design tips this week – full of grown-up, girly glam, without a garish flower or glittered surface in sight.

We have once again welcomed the expert help of interior expert and owner of the much admired store Artz-I, Mohammed Rasul.

Artz-i is a stylish new lifestyle and gift store which designs, manufactures and retails modern and traditional high quality gifts, artworks and other fine products, including hand crafted items. Their merchandise includes tiles, calligraphy, ornaments, appliqué art, paintings, photography and wood carvings as well as gift cards, contemporary and classical household furnishings.

Read on for a veritable wealth of ideas on how to utilise this girly design to add comfort and high quality glamour to your space, with beautiful golds, pinks and faux furs…

For the ultimate in dressing room glam, drench your space in gold-edged cream and light pink furniture, combined with plenty of mirrors and gorgeous chandelier type lighting.3

This would look stunning in any bedroom or dressing space, or even in a glamorous reception room – perfect for afternoon tea!

 For a regal touch, pair neutral tones with mirrored surfaces and elegant seating – not forgetting somewhere to hang up your faux fur coats!

This is a grown-up look, so if your home runs the risk of sticky fingers leaving marks all over surfaces, perhaps keep the mirrors on the walls and off cabinets and drawers.

 For a more masculine take on this trend which still oozes soft and comfortable hospitality, choose a darker colour for walls and pair with plush IMG_4911studded armchairs to encourage comfortable seating.

Lots of lamps and decorative light fixtures will lift a dark coloured wall to avoid too much darkness.

 Stripes and bold patterns don’t always work too well with this look, but wide vertical stripes look classy and polished whilst still adding pattern and colour to any room.5

Mix up circular and straight shapes to make sure it’s all interesting to look at, as well as mixing textures. Try this on a feature wall in a dining room or hallway to make the room look larger!

Fresh or artificial flowers in colours which match the tones of the room will bring this look together entirely.

1Try and choose roses or other smaller flowers to avoid overwhelming the design of the space, and consider using artwork to bring a similar feel to the overall room.

This works especially well in a living or dining area for a light touch of feminine glamour.