Haryana Police’s Special Task Force recently arrested shooter Sampat Nehra, who was assigned to attack and shoot superstar Salman Khan.

Now, there have been reports that Nehra’s allies are still out in the open, and the police have not got hold of them yet. The cops fear that these people can still target Salman, and have, therefore, alerted the Mumbai police about the same.

Even though the Haryana police caught hold of Sampat Nehra, they could not track down the other three shooters.

According to a media report, a police official said, “Three of his sharpshooters – Raju, Akshay and Ankit – are on the run and as of now we do not have their location or an idea about their whereabouts. These men pose a potential danger to Salman Khan.”

The Haryana Police also revealed that the trio had planned to free Sampat on Monday when he was being taken to the court.

They added, “Due to this we made elaborate arrangements and changed the vehicles in which Sampat was being taken at regular intervals. The security was also beefed up so that the gangsters are unable to carry out their actions.”

The Mumbai police have beefed up the security around Salman Khan after being alerted by the Haryana police.

A senior police official said that Salman is provided with personal bodyguards all the time, and also, armed policemen are stationed around his apartment and sets.

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi has threatened to kill Salman Khan in January over the blackbuck case. The Bishnoi gang is one of the notorious gangs in Rajasthan, and have a number of cases registered against them.