Sushmita Sen is one of the most graceful and elegant actresses in Bollywood. Plus, the way she maintains that poise in public is truly an admirable factor about her.

The Main Hoon Na actress has just spoken about the incident at a recent event in Mumbai, where she was asked to comment on the issue of women’s safety in the country.

Sushmita Sen said, “So many times people think we don’t encounter things like misbehaviour because we have bodyguards. Let me tell you, even with ten bodyguards around, we are dealing with a crowd of at least a hundred men who have often managed to misbehave with us.”

Recalling the incident, the forty-two-year-old actor said, “Six months ago at an award function, a fifteen-year-old boy misbehaved with me as he thought I wouldn’t realize because of the crowd around. But, he was wrong. I grabbed his hand from my behind and I was shocked to see he was so young, he was just fifteen!”

“I held him by his neck and took him for a walk. I told him if I make a hue and cry, his life would be over. He denied having misbehaved at first, but I sternly told him to acknowledge. He realised his mistake, said sorry and promised me that it will never happen again,” she continued. “I didn’t take an action against him because I understood that the fifteen-year-old was not taught that such things are an offence and not entertainment”, added the actor.

This incident is a reminder of how grassroots-level education is pivotal for today’s youth. Though many know the difference between right and wrong and it seems like some have blurred the lines. 

It is gracious of Sushmita to teach and remind the teenager of what is acceptable and what isn’t.