By Ninder Kaur

The Oscar winner is expected to lead the cast in a new version of the heist films which starred

Award-winning actress Sandra Bullock
Award-winning actress Sandra Bullock

George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

The 2001 film starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt was a huge success at the box office and resulted in two sequels.

The Clooney version was a remake of the 1960 original starring Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack.

Bullock and Clooney worked together in Gravity and the actress is currently promoting her new film Our Brand Is Crisis which he produced.

Her role as an election consultant was originally written for Clooney until the star asked to play it herself.

Gary Ross, the director of the first Hunger Games film, is expected to lead the project. It also has the backing of Steven Sodenbergh who directed the original trilogy.

Den Of Geek reported that Clooney may make a cameo appearance in his role of Danny Ocean.

She will follow in the footsteps of Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig who have been filming a female version of Ghostbusters with Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones from Saturday Night Live.

At the premiere of her new film earlier this week Bullock said she would like to see more women getting roles written for male stars.

“I like men, I don’t want the male roles to change but I will go after a role if I think a woman can play it,” she said.