After all the hype and high anticipation, the day has arrived. Salman Khan’s Race 3 releases in cinemas worldwide and has (expectedly) opened to an amazing morning occupancy of 55%- 60%. Though the trailer was lukewarm and unimpressive there were still hopes attached to the film. 

However, it seems like the film has critically nosedived as it receives an array of negative reviews from critics. Early today, Taran Adarsh (on Twitter) called the film ‘disappointing’, further mentioning, “All that glitters is not gold… Remo D’souza misses the golden opportunity.”

Adarsh also lauded how the film is ridden on Khan’s shoulders and the film certainly seems to be one which will appeal to all fans of the Dabangg star. Rohit Vats of Hindustan Times pens, “Race 3 is a mere show-reel for Salman Khan fans. Celebrating Eid at home is likely to entertain you more.”

Rohit also addressed Remo D’Souza’s amateur approach as a director in this action venture: “Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley — you name it and D’Souza will blow it up for you. He is so obsessed with blasts in the film that he doesn’t mind blasting a tree if he doesn’t find anything else. Not that Race and Race 2 were classics, but Race 3 has taken things too far. Remo D’Souza’s idea of a dysfunctional family is far more juvenile than Abbas-Mustan’s.”

This seems to be quite a valid point. Whilst the previous Race instalments were not masterpieces, there was some structure to the film’s storyline and characters.

Though Remo D’Souza is a terrific dancer/choreographer, his work as a director has not been up to the mark. Plus, he isn’t au fait with directing action genres. His last project which came remotely to this style was A Flying Jatt and we all know how badly the film was received. 

Plus, if anything, the former Race films at least had decent performances by the main cast. There were some great names attached – including Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu. Here, the cast just appears to be actors who have prominently worked with Salman rather than actors who genuinely fit the role. So is it fair to blame Remo entirely? 

Now, the previous Race film had its share of cringe-worthy and cheesy dialogues. Remember when Anil tells Ameesha “I don’t have time to pop your cherry” in the film? According to critics, it gets worse with lines such as: “My business is my business, none of your business,” and “Isko dil Nahi Dell khol ke dikhao”(Don’t open your heart, switch on your Dell laptop).

What has also been panned, is the film’s weak and disappointing soundtrack. Umesh Punwani of KoiMoi notes: “There are three more songs in the solo and unplugged version of Selfish as if one was not enough? There’s also a mash-up which is like a dish you get when you mix up some bland ingredients. No song matches up the aura of Salman Khan & yes with a heavy heart, I have to say that this is the worst album of him this decade.”

Of course, there have also been devoted fans and a handful of people who have have been all praises for the film calling it an ‘Entertainer’ and ‘blockbuster’. Undoubtedly, Race 3 will make a fantastic opening – especially being Eid and holiday weekend. 

Overall, commercial films are always a subject of public scrutiny. However, from what critics have said, this movie seems to spell disaster. But are these mass negative reviews sufficient to warn the public to not waste their money on Race 3? Is the film really entertainment or a splurging of cash in the name of cinema? We leave it for you to decide.