Following the first successful Saif-Ul-Maluk show in 2014 and a further show which was applauded by thousands in 2015, organisers PM Promoters are returning with a third show, set to take place in Bradford in October.

The very first show in 2014 was sponsored by the Bradford Council as well as numerous other private sector sponsors. The festival was held for a second time in 2015 and was again a star-studded event that left an indelible mark on Bradford’s cultural scene.

The show returns this year continuing the tradition of previous shows, but extending the festival over two days. 

The first day’s event, which takes place on Thursday 20 October will focus on literary merits of Saif ul Maluk’s poetry with academics speaking about the book followed by a question answer session. The event will be hosted at the Bradford City Hall chambers and will engage in a session on scholarly discussion. The unique event will be set against an informal atmosphere, created by the master of the ceremony who will then invite each guest speaker for twenty minutes to present their scholarly views on the classical masterpiece followed by a questions answer session per speaker.

Day two which will be the following day on Friday 21 October will be the grand musical event and shall be staged at the prestigious Alhambra Theatre in Bradford. An audience of 1400 is expected on the night.



Previous events have been lauded by those who have tremendous interest in the literary and art circles and this year’s line-up is expected to be no different.

For ticket enquiries of further information contact:  T.01274 016072 or