The first trailer for Mogul Mowgli has been released, and already has fans excited for his movie to come out.

Ahmed plays British Pakistani rapper who, on the cusp of his first world tour, is struck down by an illness that threatens to derail his big break.

From the trailer alone, Ahmed has already made his presence known with his intense and brilliant energy. Ahmed’s character approaches the stage with his head down, rapping, “You are asking me where I am from?”

The trailer has been cut in such a creative and unique way that it immediately grabs your attention, with the trailer cutting to different scenes very quickly.

 Ahmed is on the stage performing, cutting to crowds who are enjoying themselves, and then glances of different people in the shots.

Eventually you can see the start of his downfall as we see snippets of him in a hospital.

Throughout the trailer Ahmed is rapping along and the tension builds up to the moment where we see him shove a microphone down his mouth, which is unexpected and surprising.

It is an explosive moment as Ahmed raps, saying, “My blood and sweat’s enough.’

The trailer leaves you feeling curious and wanting to know more about who this rapper is. What is his illness and why has it affected him in such a tragic way?

On social media Ahmed said, “Mogul Mowgli is the most personal work I’ve ever made. Can’t wait to share it. Premiere’s at this year’s London Film Festival on Oct 10th & released in UK cinemas Oct 30th, 2020.”

It is director Bassam Taraiq’s feature debut which has been co-written by Ahmed.

The film will be part of the Dare Strand at this year’s 64th BFI London Film Festival, with virtual and physical screenings beginning on 10 October.

The film will then have its general release in the UK and Ireland on the 30 October.

You can watch the trailer below: