“Watan Ke Aage Kuch Nahin. Khud Bhi Nahin.” This one dialogue summarises the entire crux of Meghna Gulzar’s forthcoming film, Raazi.

Raazi is based on a true story of a young girl – Sehmat (Alia Bhatt), who was sent to Pakistan in 1971, to source out any information she could, as a war was becoming imminent between India and Pakistan. It is the journey of an ordinary Indian girl, in extraordinary circumstances.

Like how Karan Johar and Meghna Gulzar unveiled the first look posters yesterday citing ‘Shades of Raazi‘ and as a viewer, we see those various shades in Alia’s character as a dutiful daughter and as a wife – hence the dialogue “Main To Ab Wahi Ki Hoon, Jahaan Mere Gharwaale Hai.”

But not only that, we see this girl – Sehmat – who seems like a timid and shy girl, actually train briefly to become a dutiful spy. Especially in the sequences where she’s holding a gun and learning to shoot aptly. Therefore, director Meghna Gulzar competently exhibits a wholesome glimpse of Bhatt’s character in the film.

Meghna, like her father Gulzar, has an eye for cinema. When I saw the trailer, there was a brief moment of nostalgia as it reminded me of Maachis. Perhaps it was just the setting, but the same intensity that was in Maachis seems to be encompassed in Raazi – of course, the stories are completely different.

Plus, what I like about Meghna Gulzar as a filmmaker, is that her films just grab the audience by the throat and at times, the films are like snakes which wrap around our necks. She is definitely one of the finest directors in Bollywood today!

As for Alia Bhatt, my goodness. From the fashionable Shanaya in Student Of The Year to the timid yet formidable Shemat in Raazi, Alia has come leaps and bounds as an actress, that too in just 6 years. I, personally think, that her performance in Raazi will be one of her best yet.

The trailer looks amazing, now its just a question of waiting got 11th May, until the film releases!

Watch the trailer of Raazi right here!