‘DJ Waley Babu Mera Gaana Chala Do’. Back in 2015, this became a powerful chartbuster with hypnotic beats, powerful vocals and a mesmerizing female voice by Aastha Gill.

Now, in 2018, Gill is ready to drop her own single and is all set to rule the music charts.

Sony Music India has released the single BUZZ – the scintillating debut track of Aastha Gill featuring none other than the King of Rap – Badshah.

Directed by Arvindr Khaira and starring Priyank Sharma of ‘Bigg Boss’ fame, Buzz is what dream debuts are made of. It has captivating music, spectacular costumes and stellar set design. Collectively, these make BUZZ an instant hit!

Sharing his experience of working on the music video, Priyank tells Asian Style.

“It was amazing to work with a girl [Aastha Gill] who has already been a voice for Badshah. It was great shooting with Badshah and he’s always been a great support.

It was actually my pleasure because I remember last year I was on MTV Roadies and Badshah came as a guest on the show to promote his song ‘Mercy’. I never thought I would be doing a video with him and literally, it’s happened just after one year later. It’s a great feeling.”

Priyank, the former Bigg Boss housemate, adds:

“All the music videos of Badshah come with amazing sets. I can see why he is the guy is one of the great rappers out there in India, I guess he’s ruling the game right now. It’s inspiring for me to see these kinds of people. He has come up independently and is a game-changer for rapping. Every vibe all these things, collectively, makes it interesting to work with him.”

Aastha’s single is truly catching. With sweet vocals and an EDM feel, it will not be a surprise if you start humming ‘Tera Buzz Mujhe Jeene Na De, Jeene Na De’ after you hear the song once. It is definitely going to be a new sensation!

Watch the ‘BUZZ’ music video right here!