Last week, we reported how the Supreme Court rejected a plea made by filmmaker Sunil Singh regarding an investigation of ‘Foul Play’ in Sridevi’s Death.

Now according to a report in Free Press Journal, a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police, Ved Bhushan, who runs a private investigation agency (PI) in Delhi has alleged that Sridevi’s death seems more like a planned murder than an accident.

“It’s very easy to put someone in bathtub forcefully until victims breathing stops without leaving evidence of the crime, and then label it as an accidental death. This looks like a planned murder,” said the ex-cop.

Talking about the forensic reports that were presented by Dubai Police, Mr Bhushan said, “With all respect towards Dubai law, we were not satisfied with their report on Sridevi’s death. We wanted to know what happened exactly. There were many questions left unanswered. We went to Dubai to collect all the facts.”

Ved Bhushan runs a private investigation agency and had even visited Dubai to probe in the case. But he was not allowed to enter the site if the incident.

He said, “Sridevi died mysteriously and questions need to be answered, some questions posed after her death were relevant and logical. We felt something was hidden.” The former ACP is still investigating the case.

The world was shocked when legendary actress Sridevi passed away in a bathtub of a hotel in Dubai under mysterious circumstances.

After the investigation concluded, authorities claimed that the actress had died due to accidental drowning on February 24, 2018, though a lot of questions were raised regarding her untimely demise.