Despite rumours alluding to exes Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reuniting and having a baby together have been strongly negated.

These conjectures spread from a magazine cover story by InTouch which first speculated the remark of Brad and Jen having a baby. The cover showed Brad and Jennifer all happy smiles.

A source reportedly stated, “It’s like destiny brought them together, and I can definitely see them having a child together.”

“He and Jen have talked about moving in together and giving this another try. This could all lead to her finally having his baby,” the source added.

The report suggested that Brad and Jennifer would use the IVF method and welcome a baby next year. The report also hinted that Angelina is “livid that Brad and Jen are back in each other lives and “furious at the suggestion the two could soon be welcoming a baby together.”

However, these remarks have proven to be false as the image on the cover is believed to have been photoshopped and according to Gossip Cop, representatives of both parties involved have rubbished the reports.

On one hand, Brad’s spokesperson said that the news was, “absolutely ridiculous,” while on the other, Jennifer’s spokesperson concluded that the news is, “completely absurd and a total fabrication.”

Whilst these rumours can be put to rest, the Jen-Brad surmises have been on-going.

A while back, US Weekly reported that Jennifer’s ex Justin had found some romantic post-it notes from Brad which was saved and safeguarded by Jennifer, years back while still being married to Justin.

A source informed the magazine, “He stumbled upon old Post-it notes Brad had written. Sweet little Post-its like, ‘You looked nice tonight’ or ‘Miss you already.’”

Talking about the impact those candid notes had on Jennifer and Justin’s marriage, the source added, “Jen assured him they weren’t a big deal, but Justin wasn’t thrilled … Justin had moments of insecurity like that.”

As for Brad Pitt, he separated from Angelina Jolie in 2016 with whom has six children.