Hollywood star Nicole Kidman’s haunted house film ‘The Others’, is all set to get a remake after 19 years of its release.

The film received a positive response and was successful due to its plot twist ending in 2001.

The original film was directed by Helmer Alejandro Amenabar, is set in a remote country house on the British island of Jersey.

Nicole Kidman

The film revolves around the character of Kidman, Grace Stewart who as the film unfolds discovers the unknown ‘others’ living in the house.

The haunted house film was a super hit on the box office grossing over USD 200 million with a budget of just USD 17 million.

The remake will be produced by Renee Tab and Christopher Tufifn from Sentient, alongside Lucas Akoskin from Aliwen Entertainment. There has been no mention of who will direct the remake or who will be casted in the film.