It seems like comedian turned actor Kapil Sharma is going through a rough patch these days. His newly released Show Family Time With Kapil Sharma on Sony TV received immense criticism from the audience.

Not only this, recently, Kapil Sharma was on a Twitter outburst and he started hurling abusive and offensive tweets for journalist Vickey Lalwani.

According to The Indian Express, Kapil’s new show is said to be put on hold. Just like his previous show, the comedian also cancelled few shoots of his latest show and the makers of the show are left with no other choice.

An anonymous source revealed: “See the first episode of Kapil’s latest show was nothing like its predecessor. It was a hotchpotch of too many things put in together for this 90s style game show. It only did well on TRP charts as Kapil has a very ardent fan following and was going to be back on television after a hiatus of seven months.”

“So naturally, his fans did watch their favourite comedian’s new show but it lacked the punch that they expected. However, owing to personal issues, he had to cancel Rani Mukerji’s shoot and this left us in a lurch.”

When the source was asked about the future of the show, the source added:

“We did not have a bank of episodes to air as the show had just begun. Also, his health issues or personal issues has been deviating his attention and focus from work. In such a scenario, it is better that we keep the show on hold for now.

At least the whole of April, we aren’t shooting. We will figure out the rest once he feels better. Right now, we want to him get better first. So that once he is back, he is completely devoted to work like he has always been.”

Further official confirmations to follow.