Danielle Bellas captured the attention of legendary music producer Rishi Rich, to create a fabulous remix of her debut single ‘Starship’.

Australia-based R&B singer Danielle Bellas is getting ready to launch her music career with support from some of the biggest names on the music scene. Born and bred in SE London, Bellas has captured the attention of legendary music producer Rishi Rich, to create a fabulous remix of her debut single ‘Starship‘, taken from her debut album which drops in 2018.

Danielle is a soulful, authentic artist with a bias towards Motown-tinged R&B/Pop, who knows what she wants. The single is the first offering from an exciting debut album, co-written and produced by UK-based production duo Jud Mahoney and Natalie DeLucia, who have worked with the likes of Michael JacksonJimmy Jam & Terry LewisBrandy and Britney Spears.

The sound offers a slick pop production featuring big hook-laden choruses and smooth lead vocals, influenced by the late 90’s R&B greats such as Janet JacksonAaliyah and Ashanti. The single also boasts an official music video, and of course the remix from Rishi Rich and features additional haunting Hindi vocals by Kiran Dhanoa.

Danielle says of her debut single: “I’ve grown up listening to R&B, Bollywood and of course Rishi! Getting Rishi’s support for my first track has been amazing and I’m thrilled to have been able to create something that showcases my musical inspirations.”

Although this is her debut release, Bellas was filling notepads full of lyrics from a young age and recorded her first single at 16. However, growing up in a home that encouraged education and a steady career over musical creativity meant her musical dreams remained on the sidelines.

Whilst recording and performing music in UK girl group Urban Lady, the singer was also studying at University. In 2013 she decided to up sticks and move to Sydney to try out the Aussie lifestyle, although she often travels back and forth between countries.

2016 saw Bellas quit her corporate life to finally concentrate on music and she started recording solo material, with a plan to pursue music in the biggest way possible. And what a way to start! A recommendation by Teddy Riley brought Danielle to Rishi’s attention and he was smitten by her voice.

Rishi says: “Teddy is a hard man to please and having worked with him for so long, he knows exactly what kind of music excites me. I heard Danielle’s tracks and immediately knew that I wanted to work with her. The remix we’ve created stays true to the original R&B heart, but also celebrates Danielle’s Indian heritage with the added layer of melody and of course Kiran’s Hindi vocals.”

Kiran Dhanoa, whose stunning vocals perfectly complement Danielle’s added: “Starship is one of the great classic R&B tracks, and we wanted to make sure that we paid the track and Danielle’s voice justice. Adding Hindi lyrics to it gave it a fresh and cool vibe that reflects Danielle’s style.”

Danielle will be releasing 3 singles over the next few months and plans to travel to the UK and US for live shows to support the release of her album in 2018. The singles are an introduction to a very real artist who is looking to make a serious impact in the music industry over the coming years. She is only just getting started!

Danielle’s original version of Starship is out now with the Rishi Rich remix arriving on the 1 February via iTunes and all good digital stores.