As his wittiest and usual charming self, King Khan took part in our naughty 9 quiz, where we posed 9 naughty questions on him. See how he did

  1. What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?
    One time in school, we blew up our chemistry lab, parts of it and put the blame on someone else.
  1. If you were allowed a chance to spend a naughty evening with a co-star, who would you chose from the following: A. Kajol B. Deepika Padukone C. Kareena Kapoor Khan
    I’m so beautifully inclined to these ladies; I don’t think I have to choose. I would spend the naughty evening with all three of them.
  1. Who would you prefer being stuck in a lift with? A. Salman Khan B. Karan Johar C. Aamir Khan
    None of them, I wouldn’t even like to be stuck in the elevator alone.
  1. We live in the day and age of surgery and botox, if you could steal a leading male Bollywood stars beauty, whose would it be and why?
    I am so beautiful; you think I need to steal from anyone else? If you ask some other actors this questions, they might want to steal mine.
  1. Who according to you has the best legs in Bollywood?
    I don’t notice. Talking about ladies, I notice their eyes. Guys I would of course not look.
  1. You have not done many onscreen kisses, but from the new generation of B-town actors who do you think makes the best kisser?
    I haven’t done many so how would I know.
    But who do you think would?
    But then I’d be telling
  1. Awards season has started, if you could steal an actor’s award, whose would it be?
    I’d like to win one for the stuff that I’ve done, hopefully. I would prefer that and I hope for that every time I give a performance which is award worthy. But if it’s not I wait for the next year.
  1. If you were allowed to choose who you wanted to be reincarnated as, which living person would you choose and why?
    I’m very pompous and self-centred about this. Wouldn’t you love to be Shah Rukh Khan? I’d love to be Shah Rukh Khan again. It’s the honest truth. I know him the best and I am the best.
  1. Finally, if you were given the chance to play a gay character in a film, who would you like to choose as your love interest from the current generation of male Bollywood stars?
    I don’t cast hero or heroines in my films. I’m one of the few actors who doesn’t choose his heroes or heroines. I leave it to the director, so you should ask director who is going to make me play a gay character for him. When I was in theatre, I did a couple of them. It was very interesting but nobody has offered me a role like that but if offered I would do it.

Shahrukh Khan’s Raees released in cinemas on 25 January to packed houses. The film also stars Mahira Khan and Nawazuddin Siddique