Siddharth who has proved his acting battle in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi film industry with interesting and diverse projects and now returns with a horror thriller ‘The Next House Door’ wonders why good horror films aren’t made in India despite having a great potential at the box office. He says making a horror film has become a joke in Indian film industry.

Siddharth talks about The Next House Door

“With horror, it is not enough to write it, to shoot it; you have to do the sound, the background score, VFX, the grading and only when you see all of it together, you are satisfied. Getting scared is a lot of fun, but scaring people is a lot of hard work. It has become a joke in this country to make a horror film; they are either horror comedies or full of sex. And neither of them is scary unless you find sex or comedy scary! We wanted people to gasp and scream while watching this film. Being scared is an incredible high. You always go back for more. Yes, there have been good films from Ramu’s (Ram Gopal Verma), particularly Bhoot, but of late, we’ve been fed only international horror,” Sidharth says.

People often say when you scare people too much, they don’t enjoy it and don’t watch it in the theatre, Sidharth hopes to break this myth with ‘The House Next Door’. “A horror film should challenge your beliefs. The House Next Door will question your beliefs. Let’s say you are a believer in the supernatural, you will be forced to question your own beliefs. It takes only one second for the switch to happen.”

“After watching a horror film, you always try to pacify yourself, saying that if you ever encounter a ghost, you would chant the Hanuman Chalisa, take out The Bible, etc. We wanted to make a film where we didn’t have to do all these things! There is neither a white sari nor face. There is a new ethnic angle to this film, there is a backdrop anchoring this film,” Sidharth adds talking about the film which is directed by his best friend, and South Indian filmmaker Mani Ratnam’s associate director, Milind Rao.

The Next House Door movie poster

Talking about the importance of VFX to make a successful horror film in today’s times, Sidharth says, “I’m not a big fan of bloated VFX films because I get bored when I realise that 98 per cent of the film is not real. People can say that I am saying this because I am a filmmaker and I know the technicalities. But that’s not it. As an audience also, you know that Mars is not exploding and falling on one guy’s face while Thor, who is on Jupiter, goes and does something. I mean, I like reading comic books but when I watch films, I want to see a story, the characters, the action and not just a spectacle.”

“When we were making The House Next Door, we knew that there would be VFX in the film but it had to be organic. Also, we are independent filmmakers. I didn’t set out to make a ginormous film. We set out to make a really scary film. So, if someone has watched the trailer, every time they got scared, there was VFX involved. And if they were scared, it means the VFX worked.”

In ‘The House Next Door’, Sidharth claims the VFX was on the script. It was where it needed to be, unlike other Indians who “generally are used to poor VFX because it is used as a tool to rescue things here (in India).”

‘The House Next Door’ that stars Sidharth along with Atul Kulkarni, Andrea Jeremiah, Khushi Hazaria and Anisha Victor in pivotal roles, is scheduled to release next Friday, November 3rd.

Courtesy :- Box Office India