Oscar-nominated Iranian filmmaker, Majid Majidi is truly one of a kind. The most endearing factor about Mr Majidi’s films is that they all highlight the importance of human relationships. 

Whether it’s the Children of heaven or The Color of Paradise (which was nominated for an Academy Award), Majid Majidi movies have a worldwide appeal due to his prominent portrayal of innocence within humanity.

His movies completely overcome the language barriers and one becomes so engaged in his narrative and the world which has been created by Mr Majidi.

Majid Majidi’s forthcoming film Beyond The Clouds is his first Hindi film and his first time shooting in India. 

The filmmaker speaks with Asian Style about his experience of shooting Beyond The Clouds in India.

Majid sir, this was your first time shooting in India. How was your Beyond The Clouds Journey?

It was a very nice experience for me and I am familiar with Indian cinema. It was my desire to come to India and make such a film.

Because of Satyajit Ray’s cinema, which I was fond of, I was very much interested to make a film in India.

I was always looking for this opportunity to come to India and make this film.

This is because our Iranian culture and Indian culture are very much close to each other.

Through Beyond The Clouds, this desire has been fulfilled.

Ishaan and Malavika seem to be two exceptional talents. What is the most admirable qualities about them as actors?

No doubt they are talented artists, but I also tried my best to manifest all aspects of their talents. It was a nice experience for me as well.

Besides Beyond The Clouds being a gripping and poignant story, what more can you tell us about the film?

This, Beyond The Clouds, is the continuation of my own cinema but this time, just set in Mumbai, India.

It’s only the location which has changed.

My feeling is that I am just continuing my film Children of Heaven.

The only difference here [in Beyond The Clouds] is that the children in the film have grown up and got to a new position [in life].

Your films often revolve around sibling relationships and innocence which overcome challenging hurdles. Does your personal life have any influence on your filmmaking style?

My main concern has always been for the innocence of humanity, for every human being.

Depending on the different situations and surroundings, which we grow up in, those may change.

But some things remain intact within us and that, itself is innocence. I just try to pick up that point and show it to the audience.

Finally, what would you like the audience to take away from Beyond The Clouds?

The main message is to love each other. That’s what I want to convey through the film.

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Beyond The Clouds release in cinemas from 20th April 2018.