He started his journey as a star kid in Mahesh Bhatt’s Sir and then went on to star in a string of successful films such as Raja Hindustani, Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke and Zakhm.

He continued his journey in films as an adult with author backed roles in films such as Kalyug and Madhur Bhandarkar’s hard hitting Traffic Signal. Today, the 34-year-old actor has just taken on the new role of fatherhood and is excited about his upcoming release Golmaal Again and venturing into production with his wife Soha Ali Khan. That’s right we caught up with Kunal Khemu during the film promotions of Golmaal Again and here’s what he had to say.

Firstly, congratulations on becoming a papa. What does fatherhood feel like and has it changed you as a person?

Thank you! I am very happy, very excited, it has not really sunk in yet and I think it will take some time. I have been a father for only a few days and I can see that this is the only relationship in my life that has not taken any time for me to be in love. It just immediately happened. Right now, she is just sleeping a lot and she just feeds and feeds, so I am waiting for her to become slightly more reactive and open her eyes and so I can get into the fun bits.

Now on to the movie Golmaal Again, just like you have a new addition in your family, the Golmaal franchise too has new additions. Has it changed the style of working for the Golmaal team with the additions of Tabu and Parineeti to the cast, considering you’re all very mischievous on sets?

I think they have both fit in really well. It didn’t even feel like this was the first time we were doing this. It felt like we’ve done this before. It just took us a day for us to get to know each other and once that had happened from day two it was just one big gang, spending a lot of time together and enjoying themselves and you don’t even realise you’re working. Work happens between playtime. It’s one of those sets that you look forward to going back again and again. I think that’s what shows and that’s what people like and that’s why we have these opportunities to make these films again. Here we are with the fourth franchise.

The characters have been so well written, but after four installments do you think there isGolmaal Again ever a danger of people getting bored with the characters?

The writing team deserve all the credit for it, firstly coming up with a story that does justice to all these characters. All characters stand out. They all have their quirks, they all have their moments and have become iconic. These characters have been accepted by the audience so no I don’t think people will ever get bored of them.

What has been the funniest prank being played on set.

I get asked these questions a lot of times and it’s because there is so much fun happening on set that people talk about these pranks, but I have to say that these are not really worked upon and polished pranks that happen. It’s like you know you get along with your ten friends that you get along with really well and you’re having a good time, it’s bound to happen, where someone is pulling someone’s leg. Or a little bit of a prank, like when a photoshoot was happening and Shreyas was sitting, because there were some firecrackers on set, Ajay dada just picked up one of those bombs and put it under Shreyas’s chair and no one knew until there was a bang and scared the daylights out of Shreyas. Also one day Rohit just gave Parineeti a brief which was completely not her character and was really weird and she didn’t understand what was happening and obviously it was planned and when they said start sound, camera, all of us had our cameras out and she did something so..I think you will see it in the making of the film all of us cracked up. So, these small things, there is no big prank that kind of happens and most of these are not planned, they are impromptu, someone will look at you and akhon mein akhon ishara and something starts.

What do you find more enjoyable, making the film or the films promotions?

I have to say hands down the whole experience of making the film. All of us love to perform and be actors and the added bonus is that now you’re with these fantastic actors who all have an amazing sense of humour and then you have this amazing funny script that you get to be a part of and play this character that you’ve played before and you know people like it. So, you think how do I make it more fun. So, there is a whole experience. Shooting the film has been the best experience of Golmaal.

What’s next for Kunal Khemu?

There are a couple of things. We are going to be doing a sequel to Go Goa Gone. That’s going to happen, then Soha and I have both opened a production company and we are going to be co-producing a film on the life of Ram Jethmalani one of the most famous lawyers of our country. That and a couple of other things which will be announced within the next month.