Filmmaker R. Balki is known for his out-of-the-box ideas. Be it ‘Cheeni Kum’ where a 60-year old man falls in love with a 34-year old woman, or ‘Paa’ which is an emotional story of a father-son relationship based on a rare genetic condition known as progeria, the director always makes unique and fresh themed cinema. And now Balki has tried to do something different again with his upcoming movie, ‘Ki And Ka’.

The trailer of this film that stars Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan in lead roles, looks refreshing and promises a unique cinematic experience. The film seems to be all about gender equality, and challenges the set notion of marriage in gender specific Indian society.

It is a story of two young people – Kabir and Kia who are very clear about what they want to do in life. While Kia wants to follow her dream, (becoming a CEO), Kabir wants to handle the house, just like his mother. They meet, fall in love, understand each other and tie the knot. Kia works in a corporate office while Kabir stays at home, cooks and does everything like a perfect house-wife… I mean house-husband.

Arjun and Kareena who are coming together for the first time, look beautiful and fulgurous together. They share a dazzling chemistry in the movie which is reflected in the three-minute long trailer filled with fun, romance, kisses, bed scenes, humours and lots of drama.

‘Ki and Ka’ explores a different world, a ‘No gender specific’ world where the men are set to reverse their ultimate goal, where a woman can attain anything a man can, where women don’t need to sit at home and take care of babies, where women are more than a ‘sex-thing’, where men give their wives freedom to pursue their dreams. The film tries to break the traditional concept of the man being a breadwinner.

The film, which releases on 1st of April, seems a perfect release for upcoming International Women’s Day (April 8th). We are excited!

Watch the trailer now: