The ‘Allah ke Bande’ singer Kailash Kher is yet again in news and this time it’s ‘historic’! He is all set to receive India’s fourth highest civilian award, the Padma Shri.


While speaking to ANI on this achievement, the 43-year-old actor, with a sense of pride, said that words will fall short, if he is asked about the award’s importance for him.

Asserting that this incident will be mentioned in books in the future, an exhilarated Kher said, “Receiving such a prestigious award holds loads of importance in one’s life; words will fall short if I try to explain it. In my case, it is even more special; it is historic. It is such an incident, which will be mentioned in books, in future.”

Going down his memory lane, the singer spoke about the rough roads he took to achieve his goal in life.

“I left my home at an early age as family did not support my love for music. I faced several ups and downs, but nothing could stop me from working towards my goal,” he said, adding, “My life is filled with fights and rebels. These kinds of awards help you to move forward in life. It makes you feel more responsible towards the work you do.”

The singer, who hails from Meerut, gave up education decades ago to pursue his dream to be a singer.

Known for adding Sufi touch to songs, Kailash has crooned tracks like ‘Teri deewani’, ‘Ya rabba,’ ‘Yun hi chala chal rahi’ and many more.