Yash Chopra’s 1969 murder mystery ‘Ittfaq’ starring Rajesh Khanna and Nanda is considered a classic coming from Yash Raj banner. It’s one of the path-breaking films of that era and is still counted as one of the best mysterious drama made in Bollywood. Now, Dharma Productions, BR Studios, and Red Chillies Entertainment have come together for the adaptation of the 1969 eponymous which has been directed by the original producer BR Chopra’s grandson, Abhay Chopra.Ittefaq movie stills

The trailer of the new ‘Ittfaq’ which was released a few days back seems intriguing and gives a sense of adrenaline rush throughout. It keeps you at the edge of your seat making you eager to know more. The crime thriller which has multiple points of view, by the trailer, looks gripping, thrilling and fascinating backed by a strong storyline.

‘Ittfaq’ is a whodunit murder mystery and revolves around a night when two people are brutally killed by an anonymous person. Two suspects are trapped while investigating the double murder case. However, both of them give different perspectives about the same night to prove their innocence.

The trailer begins with a dialogue,”What were you doing there?”. An injured Sidharth Malhotra (Vikram Shetty) lands up at Sonakshi Sinha’s (Maya) doorstep to ask for help. She lets him inside the house but that mistake turns their lives around. The duo who are the only witness as well as the prime suspects, through interrogating with police, depict the incident different way making the case more challenging and cryptical.Ittefaq movie stills

While all fingers point to Sidharth and Sonakshi’s characters, the end of the trailer shows the doorbell ringing which indicates that a third person might have also been involved in the incident that happened that calamitous night.

Sidharth who has been seen in rusky look again after ‘A Gentleman’ shows his rowdy attitude and trapped suspect pain brilliantly. Sonakshi as a “misunderstood” woman intrigues with a never-seen-before performance from her. However, it’s Akshaye Khanna who shines in the two-and-half-minutes trailer. Akshaye plays the role of a no-nonsense cop who will stop at nothing to find the truth since both the witnesses’ testimonies are immensely different.

The visuals in the trailer are fantastic. The dialogues raise the curiosity. There is a scene in the trailer where Akshaye proclaims, “There are three versions of the story. His Story. Her Story. And the Truth. We’ve to find the Truth.” This surely arouses the interest to this crime thriller.

Ittefaq movie stills

However, despite the trailer is riveting, it has its own flaws. Although it’s been said that ‘Ittfaq’ will not be a direct rip-off of the original, it doesn’t seem the movie has been updated to keep up with the times. There are some scenes which are very unconvincing and won’t go well with the audience in 2017. For example, Sidharth climbs up to the first floor to ask for help. Usually, if someone gets injured in an accident, he goes to the nearest house which would probably be on the ground floor. So when a physically injured guy jumps to the first floor of a flat just to ask for a phone call from her landline, it doesn’t look anything than flimsy.

Overall, the ‘Ittfaq’ trailer looks amazing. A crime thriller told through multiple points of view, no songs, no romantic angles, 100-minute run-time and a new twist to the end are the factors enough to make it an interesting watch. It seems like a not-to-be-missed movie and I am excited to catch it in theatres when it releases on 3rd November 2017.