By Ninder Kaur

He has recently re-collaborated with Indian singing sensation Miss Pooja and now the Canadian born singer is back with a brand new single and talks about how he has made his dream collaboration a reality.

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Tell us about the latest release ‘Who dat girl’? Where has the inspiration come Roach and miss Poojafrom?

I have been a fan of that song since my mom used to play it as a young kid as it was originally sung by Musarat Nazeer and since it’s been so long since it was released me and my label Moviebox decided to give it a 2015 touch to rejuvenate the song and of course who better to have sung it than the incredible Miss Pooja.


How long has it taken to work on the new single?

It takes time to create a masterpiece, so we worked on this track for a few months to give it a perfect touch and as you can see the response is phenomenal.


Why did you decide to feature Miss Pooja?

Because her vocals match the strength needed to pull this track off and because I love her passion for sangeet and as you can see my choice wasn’t wrong.


What was she like to work with her again?

It’s always great to work with such talented artists. We have done two songs before Romantic Jatt and Ferrari Laike so there’s always a musical chemistry when we work together.


ROACH KILLA Baby Girl A3 Poster high res picHow does it feel to be Number.1 on the Official Asian Download Chart?

Its always a blessing to be appreciated for your hard work so thank you to all those who supported legally off all the digital platforms.


You recently got nominated in the Brit Asia awards under the Best Urban Asian Act. How did that make you feel?

It feels great to be nominated as its recognition for the hard work an artist puts in. We won two years in a row in 2012-2013 and this year we were also nominated for Best Video which was great.


What is the reason behind your stage name- Roach Killa?

 At the age of 12 I released an EP called Roachstafarian and got a great response selling over 10,000 copies. I wanted to call myself Junior Indian but my producer gave me the name Roach, as a 12 year old kid it didn’t mater what I was named I just wanted my music out. The name Killa was due to the stage performance at my school and talent shows so I just combined the two identities together and the name Roach Killa came about.


Did you find it in a challenge to break out in the Asian music industry?

Its very tough to come from another country and work hard to build a brand. I had many ups and downs but the secret behind success is hard work- “Winners never quit and Quitters never win”.


What got you interested in music?

I was always surrounded by the music since an early age from Bollywood to Punjabi and my dad had a great voice so I think it was genetics mixed with passion.


What is your secret to getting number 1 tracks?

There are no secrets its just understanding the market, understanding the business and most of all hard work and dedication.


You are currently performing in India. How is it performing outside the UK?

I have done numerous shows around the world but performing in India is a whole different feeling and the market has been starved for Roach Killa as everything has its time and it’s definitely my time.


How do your UK fans compare to your international fans?

I love all my fans the same but the UK is my second home so I have so much love from them and I really appreciate it.


If you weren’t pursuing music, what would you be doing?

Doing music. I was made for this.


Where would you like to see the British Asian music industry in 5 years time?

I think the public needs to legally support the artists if we want our industry to grow. We need to educate the public so their legal downloads can help Asian Artists achieve success in the mainstream.

Who is your dream collaboration?

My dream collaboration would have been 2pac. In the mainstream I would say Eminem. Punjabi has already happened with Jazzy B. Our brand new track “DYNAMITE” is coming very soon, so get ready.


Would you ever pursue Bollywood music?

That dream has already come true. I am currently in Mumbai. I have recorded three songs and currently finishing more. You will get to hear the first single very early in 2016.


What are the best and worst bits about being a music artist?

Best bit are my fans. The worst bits are me being a perfectionist. At times my manager has to tell me stop it.


How do you prepare for going on tour?Roach K

I was born ready. I love to travel and see the world and what is better than living your dream. I get to connect with fans all around the world and if I can touch their hearts then I feel at peace.


What are your must-have items?

My parent’s blessings, my phone and my laptop. I cant live without either.


You have recently lost a lot of weight, what is your secret to getting into shape?

Getting into shape is not a day or week thing, it’s a lifestyle and it takes hard work. I go to the gym 5 days a week but the secret is not just the gym its diet as well.


Are there any other genres of music you would like to pursue?

I don’t limit myself to genres. I’m an entertainer and I do what I feel is right. You will soon be hearing a lot of mainstream stuff coming. I’ve always been experimental as you can see from every song that I drop.


When you’re not working on new music, what is Roach doing?

My mind is always ticking with new ideas and melodies. I love spending time with my best friend Prince, my beautiful, loyal dog. I love animals.


What’s next for you?

My next single is “DYNAMITE” with JAZZY B and then the album VERIFIED is coming up very soon. There will be lots of collabos- Bollywood and mainstream. It’s go time.


Quick fire round

Favorite artist?     Jazzy B

Musical inspiration? 2pac, Bob Marley, Apache Indian, Jazzy B and Michael Jackson.

Favourite food?   Healthy … when being naughty it’s DESI. I’m a sucker for Daal Makhni and Saag Paneer.

Favourite place to perform?  On stage, anywhere anytime. I live for performing. My live shows are different from your average artist.

Your favourite rap of all time? 2pac- Only god can judge us.

Canada or England?   CANGLAND.


Who Dat Girl is out now!