Actress Meghan Markle made her final appearance as ‘Rachel Zane’ in the legal drama Suits, which concluded its seventh season in America on Wednesday.

Markle is due to marry Prince Harry at Windsor Castle on May 19 in a ceremony to which 600 guests have been invited, the BBC reports.

When the couple’s engagement was announced, the 36-year-old said that she was giving up her acting career for a “new chapter” in her life.

In the episode called ‘Good-Bye’, Markle’s character married her long-term boyfriend Mike Ross, played by Patrick J Adams.

Her on-screen wedding was not as glamorous as her ceremony to Prince Harry is expected to be. The TV wedding was organised quickly in order for the pair to be able to move to Seattle for new jobs.

Suits creator Aaron Korsh said he believes the wedding scene was not the last the Meghan and Patrick filmed together – but it was still moving.

“I would say it was emotional. I remember having a really fun talk with Meghan as we were setting up to shoot the wedding and we were just wrapping up our time together,” he told the media.

While two of the popular characters have left, it is not the end for Suits, as season 8 has already been confirmed.

Speaking in January, Aaron said the new series would “have everything from shifting alliances and internal power plays, to secrets, betrayals and fiery relationships.”