Actor Shreyas Talpade and wife Deepti Talpade have become parents to a baby girl on May 4, 2018. The couple became proud parents through surrogacy and were in Hong Kong when they heard about the arrival of their little one.

Regarding this, Shreyas told an Indian daily that the delivery date was due for May 10 to May 12 hence the couple flew off to Hong Kong for a quick vacation.

He said, “On the way, we learnt that the surrogate mother had gone into labour prematurely so we changed our plans and headed back to India the same night.”

“Seems our little girl has a stubborn streak and didn’t want us to go to Hong Kong without her.” On what are they planning to name their beautiful daughter, he added, “Friends have been confusing us with multiple suggestions,” he laughed.

Elaborating on why they chose surrogacy, Shreyas reiterated that it was on doctor’s advice that they opted for this measure and added, “And it’s one of the best decisions of my life.”

As one can imagine, Shreyas was gushing over his new-born child. He said:

 “During Iqbal, I remember Nagesh (director Nagesh Kukunoor) telling me, ‘This is your first success so cherish every moment.’ That’s exactly what I’m doing with the baby, living every moment with her. All these years, I would ask myself if I’m ready for a child and end up feeling apprehensive and nervous. Now, I’m loving it!”

About taking a little break from work, Shreyas stated, “I was to start shooting from May 15 but luckily for me, the shoot has been pushed to June so I’ve got a month to focus on my baby. I’ve always wanted a daughter so I could buy her dolls, teddy bears and plenty of pretty dresses. I’m already planning what I can buy her when I go shooting. My wife thinks I’m more stressed out than her, but I’m just happy and want to give our daughter the best.”

Our heartiest congratulations to Shreyas and Deepti!