102 Not Out will see Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor sharing screen space after a gap of 27 years. In the film, Mr Bachchan will be seen playing Mr Kapoor’s father.

Considering the fact that both the actors have to play their character more than their actual age, a lot of prosthetics and makeup was used to make them look like their character’s age.

Director Umesh Shukla states that it would take his ageing protagonists a staggering seven hours of make-up every day. This would be followed by six hours of shooting. He says:

“Initially, I thought they would get irritated with the long-winded process but the make-up actually helped them emote and complemented their characters really well. Both Amitabh sir and Rishi Ji would walk onto the sets at 5 am with a different kind of energy and we would commence shooting after lunch and go on till 6 pm. At times, the shoot extended to 9 pm. But that mostly happened when we were in the midst of shooting a scene and wanted to can it in one shift for the sake of continuity.”

Umesh further stated that the film’s team shot for nine nights in the 45-day schedule in Mumbai. While Mr Bachchan’s dentures were manageable, Kapoor’s bald cap was a cause of concern. Shukla revealed:

“Rishi Ji, who plays a 70-year-old character, would feel extremely hot in it. Whenever he removed it, and I am not exaggerating, it looked like he was sweating by the glass. He had to wear that cap for at least 12 hours every day.”

Well, one thing is for certain – you simply cannot rush art!

The film has been written by Saumya Joshi (director of the eponymous Gujarati play on which the film is based) and directed by Umesh Shukla, who directed OMG: Oh My God and All Is Well.

102 Not Out releases from 4th May 2018.