‘The Gandhi Murder’ film’s cast and crew, Pankaj Sehgal, co-director and screen play writer and Jesus Sans, co-producer and actor express their experience and wisdom on this drama/history film, which will be released in London on January 30 and help clear any misconceptions people might have about the history of Gandhi and the partition in India, by conveying a powerful message to generations of today.

This film sets out to portray the non-bias truth about the history of Gandhi and the partition in India since it became two governing nations, India and Pakistan in 1947.

After detailed research on the history of a true hero, Mahatma Gandhi, Pankaj talked about why he and his crew decided to make this film.

L: Pankaj Sehgal R: Jesus Sans Image: Smriti Gopal for Asian Style

He said: “It was a tumultuous time in Indian politics. This is immediately after the partition and the formation of India.

“There’s an identity crisis within India on whether we are a secular country or if we must only be a Hindu and Sikh country because Pakistan has already been formed and this is meant for the Muslims.

“Therefore Gandhi stands for secularism, equality, equal rights and peace. This movie is woven around the philosophy of Gandhi.”

So hopefully this authentic film will touch the hearts of ethnic Indians globally.

Around three years, worth of research has gone into this Gandhi film and it hopes to help people to end animosity amongst two nations. 

Pankaj said: “This film was very well researched. We looked into 30 journals, over 40-50 newspapers and J.L.Kapur Report of Commission of Inquiry into Conspiracy to Murder Mahatma Gandhi from 1967.

“There was nothing that was not available.

“We used facts that are there in history, put them together and derived the output that the police were well aware that Gandhi will be assassinated.”

Gandhi-ji, who was the leader of the Indian Independence movement against British rule, was trained in law but he lived a simple life like a Fakir in India.

Once India became independent, Gandhi did not even celebrate independence as he was against the partition. He spent his time in Calcutta singing hymns.

The Spanish actor, Jesus Sans, underwent training to act out a very successful role as Gandhi in this film.

Jesus said: “The biggest success of my role as Gandhi lies in the rest of the actors. They really pushed me to become Gandhi.”

When Jesus goes back to Spain, he notices that ethnic Indians in places like Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid are not in favour of Gandhi whereas people originally from Pakistan but live in Spain are in favour.

Jesus said: “You find a lot of businesses owned by Pakistanis and ethnic Indians.

“They do not understand each other. It was very funny as I was explaining to both of these people, we are working with Pakistanis and Indians making our film.

“They each told me what they thought about this situation.

“The Indian restaurant owner is not in favour of Gandhi and the Pakistani supermarket owner appreciated Gandhi saying, thanks a lot, he’s part of our nation.”

Today’s generation in India and ethnic Indians globally might not know the full facts of what truly happened in India’s history.

So there is a possible chance that they may create their own version of history without knowing the documented facts.  

Pankaj said: “When we released the trailer of this film very recently, which has now got approximately 30 million views, lots of people made comments that Gandhi-ji was actually responsible for the partition of the country.

“This is incorrect. In fact, Gandhi tried all he could to avoid having a partition. This is historically documented.

“You cannot ignore what is well documented in many documents.”

Pankaj adds: “Divided India was not Gandhi’s dream. Religious India was also not his dream.

“He fought for equality all his life.”

The divide in India created one of the biggest carnages in the history of the world. It created a huge impact on the residents in India.

There was a lot of forced movement between the two nations.

Pankaj said: “Five million people got displaced, over a million people got killed, women were raped and kidnapped, children were killed and thrown into empty trains.

“So many people on both sides of the border died and it created a huge animosity between each other.

It’s not been able to settle down even today.”

Pankaj explained, a key message of this film, Mahatma Gandhi sacrificed his life for the nation.

Pankaj and Jesus were informed that this film will not release in India as it is too risky to release there.

With general elections in India around the corner, a film like ‘The Gandhi Murder’ may perhaps be too sensitive for India’s cinegoers at the moment, however this English film will release in London on the January 30, 2019 on the 71st Anniversary of the Assassination of Gandhi.