Ashutosh Gowariker’s upcoming Indian epic adventure-romance film is generating alot of curiosity amongst movie buffs. The film is produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur and Sunita Gowariker and features Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde in the lead roles. We managed catch up with the lead pair and find out a little more about the film ahead of it’s worldwide release on 12 August. 

How much patience did it take to shoot this film? As period films are difficult to shoot?

Mohenjo Daro Hrithik RoshanHrithik Roshan: I know that most actors check scripts for the length and time etc. But my advice is that moment you read a script, if it does not ignite every single cell in your body, then don’t do it. When I signed the film I ask myself if I am willing to give my everything for the film? If your answer is yes then no matter how hot it is or how many months the film is going to take, I will do it. There is no other way.

You said you value the love for your friends and family a lot and that you learnt that in this film. Elaborate please.

Hrithik: I always equate my reel life journey with my real life. They are not different for me. I was away from my friends and family for a long long time while shooting for this film. Through my character in this film I have learnt what it means to stand for friends, commit, uphold values that are so easy to flaunt otherwise. I am on a journey to find out more about myself. This film has been the journey that has taught me about love.

What did you think of the film when you first heard about it?

Pooja Hegde: I read about Mohenjo Daro when I was in school but I never imagined I will do a film Mohenjo Daro Pooja Hegdebased or set in that era. The younger generation is picking up history books again and are interested to know things now. This film is Ashutosh Gowariker’s version of Mohenjo Daro. I think it will generate curiosity among audience about the story, the era.

You’ve done monumental work with Ashutosh Gowariker in the past. How is it working with him again in Mohenjo Daro?

Pooja: Ashutosh inspires me. The first thing he told me is that this time he would be shooting a film that would be no more than two hours long. But it is always a pleasure and great honour working with Ashutosh.