By Ninder Kaur

It’s a style we wear almost daily, a style we have been trying to master ever since we used to go strutting down the school corridors flashing our latest hairstyle. We never get tired of learning tips to perfect the ponytail especially when they are often considered the “go-to” hairstyle for many women on a bad hair day.


Here are some essentials tips for creating a pony that stays in place even after the last strut down the catwalk/office corridor:


  1. Direct your blow dry.

For a super sleek ponytail (and no bumps), you always want to blow dry your hair in the direction you want the hair to land. Blow dry hair from the root straight back in the direction of where the ponytail is going to ensure it lays properly.


hair 1


  1. Tilt your head back.

2. sleek ponyWhen pulling hair into a ponytail, tilt your head back slightly to create a tighter hold. This helps keep the hair underneath from slipping out after you secure the pony.





  1. Upgrade your elastic.

3. high ponyWhen you secure a ponytail with a regular elastic, the hair loses tension over time and eventually slips out (the worst feeling ever). Make sure you invest in a tighter tension elastic to avoid your hair from falling out.





  1. Side Pony.


Side PonyThe low side ponytail has become popular as an elegant look. You can achieve this by pulling the hair a few inches off-center and securing it in place. Very chic.




  1. Bang bang pony


bang bang ponyBangs and ponytails are a fantastic combination-it’s young but sophisticated at the same time.

If wearing your hair out is driving you insane, ponytails are great for a second-day hairstyle. What’s even better is that layered pieces when tying your hair up are less likely to fall out when a little greasiness helps hold it all together.