This October sees the arrival of the Golden Years Film Festival, an exciting three-day event taking place at Bradford City Hall – a building with its own rich film heritage, which film goers will learn more about at the first screening of the Golden Years Festival

gy_logo_cam2-300x212The Golden Years Film Festival aims to celebrate life through film, and boasts a diverse programme of screenings, discussions and workshops that will entertain, inspire and get everyone talking film! Alongside screenings of classic and modern films, visitors will be invited to take a look into Bradford’s hundred-year film history, and glimpse into the city’s past through footage from Memory Bank Bradford. Festival-goers will have the chance to shoot, edit and share their own piece of film, with final results being shown on the Big Screen in City Park.


The festival opens on Monday 3 October with Film Heritage and Memory Bank starting at 10.30am at the Banqueting Hall at Bradford City Hall. Retaining and improving memory will be on the agenda with a look at a groundbreaking film project called Memory Bank Bradford, which looks back at some great archive footage of Bradford from the Yorkshire Film Archive and will provide festival-goers with an opportunity to discuss and reminisce. 

land-of-thousand-coloursFilm goers may be particularly keen to watch out for the Land of a Thousand Colours’, which will be shown on the final day of the festival as part a varied selection of engrossing short films. 

‘Land of a Thousand Colours’ is a short UNESCO film focusing on the cultural diversity of Pakistan, and the important role culture plays in both the lives of local people and efforts to alleviate poverty in the region. Award-winning filmmaker Samar Minallah Khan, known for using film as a means for creating social change in her native Pakistan, here creates a compelling argument for prioritising the inclusion of cultural heritage in development efforts.

Golden Years is a free event, so why not head over and take a look – you may be Bradford’s next star! For more information or to book your FREE tickets go to:

You can also preview the film here