BY Ayesha Babar

This month, Alia Bhatt has been everywhere. From the promotions of her film Kapoor and Sons to her birthday, she has impressed us with her beauty looks (particularly all those funky hairstyles!) She usually keeps her makeup quite natural but instead of doing a how-to on that look we decided to mix things up a bit. Alia doesn’t often do an intense look which we think suits her to the T. Even if she isn’t doing more of this look, there’s no reason you shouldn’t! Read on for a step-by-step for that intense, piercing gaze!

  1. simple moisturiserCleanse your skin and slather on some moisturiser. Hold off on the primer and the foundation for now. Since we will be using darker colours on the eyes, work on the eyes first. This way you can remove any product that has fallen onto the rest of your face without having to remove the foundation.
  1. Apply an eye primer all over the lids. This will help the shadow stay in place.3 eye pencil
  1. Go over the entire eyelid with a black cream shadow or a creamy black eye pencil (Pro Tip: warm on the back of your hand before applying to make the texture creamier)
  1. Next, go over the entire lid with a black powder shadow.
  1. Use a silver powder shadow and with a flat brush or your ring finger, apply the silver onto the centre of your eyelids. This will keep the intensity while giving your eyes dimension and that pop!
  1. bobbi brown charcoalLather of lots of mascara and line your upper and lower waterline using the same black pencil you used as a base.
  1. Take a rounded brush and run it through the crease of your socket and gently under the lower waterline!
  1. Remove any product that might have fallen out onto your face and proceed to put primer and peach blush
  1. Choose a subtle blush colour, a light peach or pink shade depending on your skin tone.
  1. Line your lips with a nude lip pencil and then go over with a flesh coloured gloss. For this look, I particularly like MAC Boldly Bare lip pencil and the lip gloss in the shade ‘Flesh’.