By Ninder Kaur


Former Five time’s kickboxing world champion turned successful business entrepreneur Ali Jacko is set to take the music industry by storm with his debut single release “Give My Love A Brand New Name.”

ali jacko
Jodie Kidd and Ali Jacko

The love song is already receiving praise from big names in the music industry and features one of the biggest budget music videos ever delivered by a British Asian artist, which features a Supermodel model and TV personality Jodie Kidd. The eye-catching video has been shot at interesting locations around London including legendary Club Café De Paris and a private jet.

The London based singer/songwriter delivers heartfelt lyrics on the rock anthem.

“As this is my debut single I wanted everything to be done on a large scale. That is why I assembled the best team to help create the song and produce a music video that was larger than life. I hope people like the video and connect with the universal emotions of the song. This will be the first step towards me sharing more great music with audiences around the world,” said Ali Jacko

The former big-hitting kickboxing world champion is hoping to deliver a knockout blow with the new single. He is already in his recording studio working with big names from the western mainstream on more songs, which he hopes to release along with his debut album in 2016.

“Give My Love A Brand New Name” will be available to download on iTunes on November 4.

Check out the trailer here