Finding Fatimah is a fresh take on the great British Muslim matrimonial crisis. How to find love (and get married) as you approach your 30’s while keeping it all strictly ‘halal’.

The film starts with Shahid, played by Danny Ashok, approaching the big Three-Oh, trying to make last ditch efforts to get a printing business running, a business that he would eventually have to sell and worse of all, he is divorced already! After failing to find a suitable partner in his own circles , Shahid, like a true blue millennial turns to the internet.

Fatimah-poster2What is British Muslim online dating all about? Shahid finds out pretty soon. After a few dates go horribly awry, Shahid almost gives up but just before he does, he finds a young doctor called Fatimah, played by the beautiful Asmara Gabrielle. There’s only one tiny problem though – Shahid hasn’t told Fatimah that he was previously married! Will the misunderstanding be resolved in time? I’ll let you watch the film to find out.

Both Danny and Asmara do complete justice to their parts, as they play characters with their own complicated backstories. There’s something endearing about seeing them together as they navigate their relationship and  the people around them.

Finding Fatimah does have its shortcomings though. The execution of the comic scenes could have been better as I felt a lot of the situations that might have potentially been hilarious on paper turn out to be a bit blah when played out. That shouldn’t stop you from watching it. If nothing else, it will open up a window into a very real struggle that a lot of young British Asian Muslims are going through.