By Ninder Kaur


The Apprentice contestants

Last night’s Apprentice was a controversial one.

Lord Sugar set the classic scavenger hunt task, where the two teams were sent to buy a variety of items for the cheapest amount possible, and the boys got away too lightly with their purchases.

The task was still boys versus girls and half of the team had to search the Kent coast, while the other half were instructed to set sail for France to bag bargains there too.

However, when instructed to find a dinghy, the boys opted to purchase a children’s toy dinghy as a opposed to a safety dinghy. This sparked a lot of controversy amongst fans.

One person said: ” Also, major fail from @Lord_Sugar for allowing that toy boat but penalizing Felipe for the skeleton last year!! #contradiction #apprentice


Another viewer posted the following on Twitter: “THE BOYS HAVE WON WITH THEIR FAKE BOAT. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. FELIPE WAS ROBBED #TheApprentice


Jenny was the third candidate to have been fired.