Danny Dyer who plays the much-loved Mick Carter, in Eastenders has been delighting his Twitter followers with his Lipp videos (A funny App, where you can put your voice on any video). What caught our attention was his take on Bollywood song videos. 

In true Dyer style one of the  many videos Danny has dubbed over is Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s voice in the song Marjaani from the film Billu Barber.  

In his own hilarious imitable east end style Danny does a voice over for King Khan and replaces the vocals of Marjaani Marjaani, with:

“I can’t f@@@ing remember this dance….here we go…bom bom bom, up yes, yes. Right arm out, left arm out. I remember now…erm yeh yeh…eyes, nose, throat, throat. That’s it left arm, right arm, bom, bom, bom. Right arm. Here we go, hands, hands, hands. F@@@ing hell I am so glad dey weren’t a bird. I am absolutely f@@@@ed

We wonder what King Khan would have to say in response to some of Danny’s Eastenders scenes?

You can follow Danny @MrDDyer for more videos