An Indian leading TV channel recently made a shocking revelation that Nadeem Saifi of Bollywood music composer duo Nadeem-Shrawan is under the protection of absconding mafia don Dawood Ibrahim. The investigative report based on the call intercepts between Dawood and his henchmen in Dubai and London in early 2015, claimed that the don has talked about shielding Saifi referring him with code-words like “Ustad”, “London Friend” etc.

Nadeem Saifi

According to India Today which broke this news on Monday, their highly placed intelligence sources have cracked the coded language and identified the “London Ustad” as Saifi. In the call intercepts obtained by the channel, Dawood can be heard sharing concerns regarding the music composer and discussing their plan to move Saifi underground in the face of a possible arrest in the UK.

Saifi is an accused in the murder of music baron and founder of the T-Series, Gulshan Kumar who was brutally killed outside a Shiva Temple in Andheri on August 12, 1997. In the murder called as Bollywood’s most sensational murder ever, three unidentified assailants had fired 16 gunshots into Kumar, killing him instantly outside a temple. Saifi was named a co-suspect in the shooting and has since then been living outside India.

However, when media asked Nadeem Saifi about getting the protection from Dawood Ibrahim, he denied any involvement and said that he is being wrongly framed. In an interview with an online portal, Saifi clarified that he has never got any security cover from Dawood Ibrahim as referred to in the audio tapes. He even claimed that he hasn’t met Dawood and heard his voice in his life.

Gulshan Kumar

“These are all baseless. People are trying to defame me,” Saifi who is currently living in Dubai, said. “How can it be interpreted like that? Would ‘London Friend’ and ‘Ustad’ mean only one man on earth, Nadeem Saifi? It just goes to show that we have not grown up enough.”

When asked why he isn’t returning to India, the music composer revealed that he will return only after all the cases that are pending against him in India are dropped. “They have put false charges against me in India in the Gulshan Kumar murder case.  A UK High Court judgement. had clearly said that “the accusation of murder and conspiracy made against this applicant is not made in good faith and in the interests of justice”. To quote Justice M L Tahiliani, “The conspiracy charges against all the accused in this case must fail,” he said adding that he doesn’t want to face the courts in India again.

“May I add that even the narco-analysts clearly emphasised that I am not guilty (in Gulshan Kumar murder case). A lot of fake information has been put in this case,” Saifi told.