The award winning Dj Dips returns with a brand new dance-floor banger ‘Whiskey Di Bottle‘.



The track features the vocals of Badal Talwan and is the debut release for DJ Dip’s newly formed independent label ‘This DJ Media‘.

Whiskey Di Bottle is offered as a FREE DOWNLOAD to thank his loyal fanbase and to introduce them to the new label which marks a turning point for the talented producer.

The song is his first release since winning the coveted title of ‘Best DJ‘ at the Brit Asia TV Music Awards last year. DJ Dips has spent the past few months performing at weddings and clubs across the globe as well as many long nights in the studio preparing for his forthcoming album simply entitled ‘This DJ’.

The album includes a host of great singers and each track has it’s own unique style with a few twists thrown in for good measure.

Miss Pooja, Roshan Prince, Sharmilla, Saini Surinder, Lehmber, Badal Talwan, Inderjit Nikku and Juggy D all feature on the album which is due out in the next few months.

DJ Dips says: “This is an exciting time for me and the team. New label, new album and so many new projects on the table. The future is so bright right now!”


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