Indian origin actor Dev Patel has said he was filled with an ‘overwhelming sense of gratitude’ after he was nominated for Oscars in the best supporting actor category.

He gained the nomination for his performance in the film Lion.

“Ok, so I just received a call to say that Ive been nominated for an Academy Award”, Dev said in a statement.

“To be totally honest, the news hasn’t made its way into my brain yet, but Im looking at these beautiful smiling faces around me… Faces of the ones I love. And I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude”, he said.

He said: “What makes this moment so much more poignant is that Ive just wrapped shooting another film in India. This enthralling country holds such a deep place in my heart, and it is where Saroos journey was born.”

“This film would be nothing without Garth Davis. Without his love, commitment and vision this Lion wouldnt have been able to roar. To that extent I want to share this incredible feeling with Luke, Grieg, Jenny Kent, Iain, Angie, Emile, Sunny, Nicole, David, Rooney, Divian, Priyanka, the Brierley family as well as the Weinstein Co team, the actor said.”

Dev said working in the movie will remain as a memorable experiece in his life.

The actor said: “Lion reaffirms the message that love is not dictated by the color of your skin, not by race, gender, sexuality, social status, or origin. It is a message I am proud to be spreading during these uncertain times. This will forever be one of the most memorable experiences of my life.”