Priyanka Chopra is currently wrapping up her shoot for season 3 of the hit US Series – Quantico. Slowly and steadily, she is climbing the ladder of success.

But besides becoming an international icon, there have also been a few setbacks in PeeCee’s life. Not only was she subjected to racism earlier on, but she has claimed to have lost a movie role due to her skin colour.

As cited in InStyle, Chopra opened up on this prejudiced yet prevalent matter. She says:

“It happened last year,” she says. “I was out for a movie, and somebody [from the studio] called one of my agents and said, ‘She’s the wrong—what word did they used?—‘physicality.’ So in my defence as an actor, I’m like, ‘Do I need to be skinnier? Do I need to get in shape? Do I need to have abs?’ Like, what does ‘wrong physicality’ mean?” Chopra pauses. “And then my agent broke it down for me. Like, ‘I think, Priy, they meant that they wanted someone who’s not brown.’ It affected me.”

By becoming the first South-Asian actor to headline an American series with Quantico, Priyanka Chopra has proven that talent completely overcomes everything. It is this never-say-die spirit which is truly inspirational.

In the meantime, Priyanka has two Hollywood movies in the lineup. One is A Kid Like Jake which also stars Jim Parsons, Claire Danes and Octavia Spencer. The movie premiered at the Sundance Festival and received good reviews.

The second project in the pipeline is Isn’t It Romantic? which also stars Rebel Wilson, Adam Devine and Liam Hemsworth.

We wish Priyanka all the very best for her current and forthcoming projects!