By Ninder Kaur

Deepika Padukone’s look as Mastani ‘Mastani Deewani’, (the song from Bajiao Mastani) released a few days ago has become

Deepika playing Mastani
Deepika in the upcoming movie Bajirao Mastani

the talk of the town, as the video was released online.

The fusion-look of Mastani, the half Muslim and half Maratha avatar has been tastefully designed by Anju Modi.

Modi’s inspiration was taken from historial books on Maratha clothing to help dress up Ranveer Singh who plays Peshwa ruler Bajirao and Priyanka Chopra who plays Maratha queen Kashibai.

However, to dress up Deepika, Modi tried to get more experimental and gave her a fusion look. Deepika’s accessories and outfits have been taken from the moghul era and has been given a contemporary twist.

Period look of Bollywood actresses for long have been in news and Deepika is one example who has managed to pull it off.