by Ninder Kaur

Shah Rukh Khan will be playing the leading actor in  YRF’s Fan which is helmed by Maneesh

SRK stars in Fan poster
SRK stars in Fan poster

Sharma. Shah Rukh will be playing the role of Gaurav in the film. The film stars debutante Waluscha De Sousa as SRK’s leading lady. Shah Rukh has shot for the film in the scenic places of Croatia.

In the recently released poster of Fan, we can see SRK’s back as he stands and stares at a wall filled with pictures and collages of himself.

The film gives off a  slightly inception-esque type feel with SRK standing and gazing at pictures of his idol, who is also SRK but it’s undoubtedly interesting.

We are curious to find out what the award SRK is holding in the picture, stands for. SRK plays a double role in this film where he will play a fan of his own in the movie.