The final day of Braun India Fashion Week London saw over 10,000 visitors descend on the event as it ran alongside the National Asian Wedding Show. A platform for international designers to come together and showcase the versatility in the South Asian fashion industry; the day concluded with designers Valour Rose, Svetlana Casper of Lanacherry, Alpa of AlpaReena, Ravita Mayor of Lyra Innovations, and the grand finale Rocky S.

The day was launched with designer Svetlana Casper and her Eclipse collection, simple free flowing chic designs in black and white, followed by Valour Rose and her bold and alluring range of lehenga dresses.

In a final catwalk which saw Ravita Mayor and her showstopper James Lee Taylor showcase her Varna collection, inspired by Indian Royalty between the 13th and 19th Centuries, was both ethereal and vibrant. Alongside Alpa from AlpaReena, whose collection named Malakia, presented a range of traditional Indian designs fused together with modern contemporary styles. In contrast to Braun India Fashion Week London’s Grand Finale designer, Rocky S, whose collection spoke to the bold and strong woman in an eclectic range of colours, prints and fabrics.

img_5264The variation and distinction between South Asian fashions begs the question whether there should be more room of these designers at the mainstream Fashion Weeks. Braun India Fashion Week London has persisted in providing a stage for South Asian fashion which inspires mainstream Western fashion brands, but hasn’t yet opened the floodgates to a more diverse range of fusion and NEWGEN international designers.


RC Dalal from the JD from Fashion Institute, the largest fashion College in India, spoke about “the huge potential for diversity in the market. This kind of platform brings out the creativity and amazing talent from India, to see and to feel what India has to offer.”

img_5841Rocky S, who has designed for Beyonce Knowles, Paris Hilton and the Pussycat Dolls, fresh off the ramp from London Fashion Week commented, “I have been showcasing at London Fashion Week and it’s great to showcase there and on this platform. This is where I belong, I’m coming from my roots and showcasing to the people that also belong in this Country.

American TV actor and ex-Valentino, Calvin Klein and Diesel mode, James Lee Taylor spoke about his first modelling gig ten years earlier as an Indian fashion model and about the change he has noticed in the fashion industry over that period, “There is lots of diversity coming in from different cultures; it’s great to see things are more culturally open and being mixed in.”

Experienced designers Ravita Mayor and Rocky S also shared advice to aspiring British Asian designers keen to broaden their reach in the UK fashion industry; “Read about different cultures, visit museums and balance the fashion internationally so you can come up with novel ideas” says Ravita. Rocky S said “No matter where you are, India or London, stick to your passion, personality and talent. Work hard and be sincere and wherever you are you will reach that goal.”