The youngest son of Dharmendra, started his career over twenty years ago,with the film Barsaat and made an immediate impact with his long locks and dashing good looks with acting skills to match. He continued his success with a spate of good films such as Soldier, Gupt and Ajnabee.  Sadly, lady luck didn’t last for long as a spate of unsuccessful films followed.

Despite the ups and many downs of his career, Bobby Deol has always remained optimistic, with an added aura of calmness surrounding him. It’s been four years since we last saw him on the big screen but it seems Bobby is ready to re-join the rat race, with his new film Poster Boys, which also stars brother Sunny Deol, and see Shreyas Talpade make his debut as a Director.

The film is a  inspired by a real life incident of three men who are shocked to find their photos being used as part of a vasectomy campaign.  The film explores how the three start getting ridiculed in their village due to this error and how this error changes their lives around. After getting humiliated from their family members and people around them they go on a mission to prove that they are the victims of the system.

In an exclusive conversation with Asian Style, Bobby Deol told us why he waited four years to sign his next film and what it was like being Directed by Shreyas Talpade

We haven’t seen you on the big screen in four years, we’ve missed you. What have you been up to?

Nothing, just waiting for some great roles to come my way. I wasn’t getting any interesting offers and finally I got this offer and I was totally excited and happy to do it and here I am talking to you about it (laughing) after 4 years.

I was also missing myself on the screen, so I am really excited and nervous for the film’s release as it’s been very long. But very excited!

How does it feel to now be back promoting your upcoming film – Poster Boy after so long?

There is a lot of excitement, anxiety and anxiousness actually. Because when you’re excited and anxious it’s a big cocktail of a lot of things that come together. But I am just happy that I am a part of a film that I enjoyed doing. I am really really, positive about it and I am sure people are going to enjoy it.

What attracted you to the script, as you said earlier you were waiting for something exciting, so what was exciting about this film?

It was a challenging role, because I am playing a small town school teacher who lives with his two daughters and a wife who totally bullies him – he is hen pecked. For my image, the kind of roles I have done in my life have always been thrillers and action films and romantic. So, it’s different from all that. So, you know when you haven’t got something great happening, I was looking for something which has characters that are nice and strong to play, so the character was really interesting for me to play and a challenge because it’s something I have never done or portrayed before.

How close are you to the character Vinay Sharma? Are you also an inactive volcano in real life?

You see, I am a family orientated person, I love being with my family I love my family, I love my kids. So, in that sense I was portraying a man who loves his family, but the only thing is he is bull dozed into a situation that he doesn’t know what it is and his wife is upset because she wants to have a third child, she wants to have a boy and I keep arguing with her, why do you want to have a boy, when you have two lovely girls. Every child is important doesn’t matter what sex they are and that’s what the fight is. Then suddenly out of the blue this poster gets published which says I have had a nasbandi (vasectomy) done. So, his life changes and he is like why, who has done this. Because of this the three people who are on the picture who are, my brothers character, who is playing an ex-army officer and Shreyas character who is playing a money collector. So, the three different people from the small town get together, (they don’t even know each other) and how they fight against the government. It was fun, because I get to speak a lot of shud hindi and we’ve worked really hard together.

People are pitching the film as your comeback film – would you agree?

Well, for me I think a film is important and for me I am coming back in a film after four years, so it definitely is a come back film (laughs)

Shreyas Talpade makes his debut as a Director with this film and he is also acting in the movie. Do you think he has managed to extract the best from you for the character you play?

Shreyas is definitely an actor’s director, because he is an actor himself. So, he understands while directing what the actor is going through, so it really helps because he understands that. It was a really smooth ride. The whole shoot was done in less than 14 days and we shot in a small town. I used to get up every day at 4 in the morning and start shoot by 630am and it wasn’t just work work work. I enjoyed the lovely cold weather. It was lovely and nice.