“People are not born superheroes, they become it.” After quite a promising teaser, the trailer for Vikramaditya Motwane’s Bhavesh Joshi Superhero has released.

Bhavesh Joshi Superhero is an action film about a young man who wants to continue doing the right and challenge the wrong. On this journey, he discovers that he is destined to do bigger things, which will transform him from a common man into a Superhero.

From the very beginning, we get an inkling that the movie will showcase the story of powerless individuals fighting the realms of powerful people by disguising themselves as a vigilante group called ‘Insaaf’. After things take a tragic turn, we see that the lead protagonist (Harshvardhan Kapoor) trains himself to actually become a superhero.

As with any Anurag Kashyap production, this too has a lot of quirky and hilarious lines. For instance, a man is writing about the first superhero of Mumbai and his friends debate whether Ra One of G One was the first Mumbaikar superhero.In response to this, the friend says: “Kya farak padta hai, Ra One, G One, Maine poora jeevan isko likhne mein.”

Besides such wacky dialogues, there are also lines which underline the film’s central theme – which is corruption, for example, two of the friends (one being Harshvardhan) says: “Look, we think corruption is s**t and s**t stinks.” These idiosyncratic elements are quite entertaining and relevant to society.

However, with regards to the overall concept of the movie, it seems to be borrowed from several films. Firstly, the fact that a vigilante group is created – reminds one of Ungli. The use of bags as masks reminds one of Irrfan Khan in Blackmail.

Plus, the idea of an ordinary individual wanting to fight back evils of society resembles quite closely to the Hollywood film Kick-Ass. Therefore, in terms of originality, Bhavesh Joshi Superhero cannot be labelled as a completely novel film. 

However, what is refreshing in this film, is Harshvardhan Kapoor.  It’s quite interesting how he is almost following in the footsteps of his father Anil Kapoor, as Anil also played a superhero in Mr India, which became one of the strongest performances in his career. Could this be the same for Harsh?

From the glimpse, it seems like we will see a smooth transition of Harshvardhan as a student to the superhero vigilante. If anything, I think the actor will definitely impress us with his performance in the film. 

Bhavesh Joshi Superhero releases from 25th May!

Check out the trailer here!